Jase currently runs workshops all over the country. The best way for Jase to make maximum impact on his goals to spread the discipline of Calisthenics across the UK and further is to educate more people from different locations and fitness backgrounds.

Jase’s workshops range over a variety of different structures from introducing calisthenics to people who are new to it through to advanced courses for fitness professionals.

In the workshops he covers calisthenics and its progressions and degressions, functional training, how they merge to benefit you, static and dynamic training, strengthening cycles and a lot more.

The workshops ran can be a learn to implement fun workshop or a fully accredited course.

The difference being the workshops we will flit in and out of stuff trying to cover as much ground as possible within the allowed limit of the groups ability and the courses are more structured and aims to teach you the hows, whats and whys of Calisthenics, whether it is just for yourself or to be able to pass it on to your clients to change things up or to incorporate into current training regimes.

If you would like to discuss organising a workshop/accredited course in your facility, or would like to get details on the next one get in touch!

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