Will the fitness Industry be relevant for coaches in an ever evolving technological world?

Are we fighting a battle that sky-net will win?

A big question that is in my mind constantly throughout most days is; “will what I am doing within the industry make a difference to the future or in the future”!

In other words will creating a movement and a sport that involves the use of the body and peak levels of fitness be a relevant subject in 1000 years?

I have seen theories that with technological advancements continuous growth and its ever increasing rate that the need for physical interaction and even physical awareness could become irrelevant and it’s not that farfetched an idea! With endless knowledge at your fingertips and the increased physical social awkwardness to the point it is weird to say hi or smile at someone now days is alarming and that is only the psychological side.

Physically, the fact that only a small percentage of the human race actually partake in any strenuous physical activity, or even have the need to walk, travel and go shopping. I’m ashamed to say that I can’t even write for 2 minutes without my wrist and hand starting to ache (I challenge you to write an A4 page without having to stop for a break) due to the lack of practice in handwriting.


I have spent some of my career making peoples life hell during coaching sessions to find and realise that naturally humans want things easy and are willing to sacrifice health, passion and better lifestyles because it’s a bit harder than what they are used to.

The fitness industry keeps these discomforts in life alive. COMFORT IS DANGEROUS! To push yourself beyond limits and challenge yourself physically and mentally are both important parts of living and learning to survive when things get a bit tough. Everyone is such a sensitive snowflake these days it is worrying for the future of the human race. As technology evolves we should alongside it. Instead of de-evolving and becoming reliant on our inventions, we should be growing our mind-set and our bodies, as a race, to survive the inevitable fall and then learn to ride and learn from when things go wrong instead of imploding.

So with technology getting bigger and better so should the human physical, spiritual and mental state. To do this there is a few things we can do:

Get audible, read books, mediate. Always learn, grow your mind and reflect,  you can do this simultaneously while improving mobility, strength, flexibility and durability during a session. If we can combine services and products from the fitness industry with the ever growing technology it will always be relevant, and as long as there are people out there wanting to be their physical and metal best then there will also be people looking to attain this.


Fit tech appears to get more people into fitness on the whole but relying heavily on a piece of tech that got them into it is not what anyone wants. If you look at it 70% of people are spending more time setting up the tech and playing on the tech than they are moving and working on their fitness regime. Probably! But, on the other hand it is making people more aware of the industry, which is good and more people want to make the change to a healthier lifestyle so let’s use this as an industry to help them build more self-motivation and rely less on the technology.


By self-motivation we need to be doing it for ourselves, not for anyone else because this train of thought will not allow your health regime to last. If your recording every run and every session so the world can see you’re the fit king or queen 2019 then you need to find a reason why you want to do it for yourself, so you can make it a lifestyle choice, don’t be reliant on the technology, use it more as an assist, just as it was meant to be.

So let’s avoid the Wall.e. Scenario and let 2019 be the year of opening our minds and enhancing our bodies.


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