Hi guys, so my training for the challenge has begun. Here will be a place where you can keep up to date with my vlogs and see how I am getting on!

To support the charity and help through the training and the challenge please click below to donate. Thank you!


So, I have chosen to do something special for Zoe’s Place Coventry. To raise awareness of the children’s hospice,
their work and what this amazing charity does for the children I have taken on a mammoth task we have named “Zoe’s Triangle Of Life” 10 days, 400 miles 2000 pull ups!

I will be running a marathon and a half every day for 10 consecutive days and every 10 miles doing 50 pull ups.

This means absolutely no part of my body will get a break. This challenge will start on the 3rd November 2018 at
Zoe’s Place Coventry; I will then run to Zoe’s Place Liverpool, then on to Zoe’s Place Middlesbrough before making the home run back to Coventry where we will finish on the 12th November 2018.

I will be broadcasting my training on line and through many media sources over the next few months till the event and
with the support of many companies we are looking forward to a successful fund raiser for the children and the workers of Zoe’s Place.

We are looking to get people to donate what they can to the cause but specifically sponsor a pull up or a mile to make the fund raiser more interactive. It will be:

£10 to sponsor a pull up

£50 to sponsor a mile.

If there is a sponsorship of over 3 miles or more then the people who sponsor this will get the chance to run those 3 miles with me from one of the 3 Zoe’s Place check in points that is closest to them.

I do not run. It is one thing I do not like to do. I hope I grow to love it during the training, but I doubt it. This is only temporary though and is nothing compared to what these kids have to go though.

I hope to show that during some of the visits to Zoe’s Place during the training. It is going to be a fun filled, emotionally and physically exhausting few months so we look forward to meeting new people and getting all the support we can get.