The meaning of IMPORTANT and PRIORITY!


Hi Troop, welcome to the second installation of the Evolution Of Blogging (EOB)! Today we talk about having a family and businesses, what is IMPORTANT and which is PRIORITY!

WARNING this one is a bit serious and a lot deep!

Now what is the most IMPORTANT thing? Of course its family and having an awesome partner and 2 absolutely amazing kids is the reason why I drive this bulldozer of a career I drive. Some people set up companies and get in there little Ford Fiesta and toot their way along getting places eventually, maybe, after a few breakdowns, a new tyre and an exhaust change! My wrecking machine is a one way trip to awesomeville, with a possible stop at gains R us, the goal of the ultimate lifestyle for my family is what makes me go at 10’000 MPH from 05:00 till midnight! all day everyday, and yer I might hit a few bumps and come against a river that stops me for a while, but i will always make my way over it or find a way around it to make this beast of a movement keep going!

Which then brings to light “if family comes first then surely the business will suffer?” NO! Is the answer, because the business has to be PRIORITY for the most IMPORTANT thing to come first! Makes sense? Only to those who draw the comics, not those who star in them! Make sense? Only if your draw comics! DEEP I KNOW RIGHT!


You see the most IMPORTANT thing is my family and nothing could ever compare, but the PRIORITIES are the businesses and its and my profile! If the PRIORITY becomes secondary or compramised due the the IMPORTANT things becoming primary then the most IMPORTANT things in my life suffer! and that is the fact!

“So your a bad parent?” No! Quality is better than quantity my friends, and the fact that to get my work done I have to spend 15 – 18 hours a day working to get to where we as a family and a business need to be means when I do spend time with my family it is proper time with the family not half assed time just for the sake of it time!

Obviously at times my family may struggle to see the logic behind it but they understand. Not only are my businesses a business but there my hobby and my passion!

People will say “Yer but on your death bed you won’t wish you spent more time on your business!” Yes I will and do wish I could spend every waking moment with them, but I will know my family loved me for every attempt, possibility and maximum effort i put into making their life what it is today, and I can tell you now I will not regret one thing, what I spend with them is maximum quality, and to bring that maximum quality you need a pinch of cash and a dash of i missed you, and for both I do what I do! PRIORITY is your lifestyle and my lifestyle is making a life for my family and friends!

There are probably things I have missed and wanted to say but gone off on a rant but you will find I do this a lot as I just type what is on my mind at the time!

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