Marbella Calisthenics Fitness Retreat

SEPTEMBER 4th – 7th
ONLY £619

Do Something For You This Year!

You Make Your Way Here, We Sort Out The Rest!

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    We can help arrange and suggest best flights to take to get the most out of your retreat experience!

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    You will be treated to an amazing range of foods that are all freshly made on site for you 3 times a day. All food is mega healthy and dietry requirements can be catered to!

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    You will stay on site in the amazing log cabins that open up right on to the gym floor. You will be able to wake up, step outside your door straight onto a pull up bar!

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    Calisthenics, movement and function coaching from 3 of the best calisthenics and functional coaches around. Learn dynamic, static, strengthening, movement and obstacle course skills throughout the retreat. We will also throw in a few beast sessions around the OCR courses on site. Completing this course will give a huge sense of achievement when completed!

Our once in a lifetime retreat in Marbella is here!

This unique bespoke retreat runs in the sun drenched mountains off the Spanish coast.

Fancy a holiday change? Looking to do something more than sit on a sunbed for a week?
We have the destination for you.

Work hard in the day and earn your cocktails at night for an experience that will get you fit with an extra twist!


  • Calisthenics Strength and technique classes
  • Movement coaching on the mountain edge
  • Functional Fitness Sessions
  • Dynamic and static progression workshops
  • The hardest OCR course in Europe
  • Healthy, tasty cuisine
  • A week of detoxification from modern day living and food
  • Meditation experience overlooking the mountains and coast
  • Beach training sessions
  • Swing and swim sesh
  • The option to go out in Portabenuse