Calisthenics coaching and the future!


So I now have a new site. For a long time now I have sat behind the scenes with Evolution Of Fitness  working as the business. It was only last year I decided to open my own social media accounts to the world. Through doing that I realised that people are actually interested in what I can do, what I offer and who I am!

That has lead to this site. has given me front of shop access to everyone that wants to talk to me as me. No EOF business front and no trying to get people into the gym. This is me trying to do what I can to help. I have found people are interested in the story not the business so through this I plan to give you an incite into how I work and what I do. If your reading this then its likely you know who I am, if not then you can either get to know who I am and what I do or click back to facebook and get scrolling haha!


Because it is all me writing and not a ghost writer I tend to type the way I talk (I try to smarten it up a bit sometimes) because writing is not my number 1 skill, so there will be lots of grammar and spelling mistakes so bare with me on that if your interested in this blog!

Why a blog and why about whats going on with me!

Honestly I don’t know right now. I dunno who if anyone will read it but its more a brain puke onto the computer. A release for my own thoughts as I have never had one before, and because my main intention in life is to impact, leave a legacy and live forever, then I hope that when people do read these they can take something away from them!

It also puts a permanent mark (depending how long the internet lasts for) of what I am planning on doing again hopefully to help someone who can relate to it.



So I recently put up a post on SM to see what goals I should aim for for the summer so I dont end up a coffee covered mess. Was either going to enter body building or boxing to mix things up a bit. I came to the conclusion that my shoulder injury pretty much stops me doing the boxing unless I want it to get worse, so i will settle for the body building. So next step is find a show and enter it. Not sure how I feel about it though, its something i’ve always wanted to do once but don’t want to interfear with my calisthenics training. So I figured I will just train using body weight and see where I get cause I dont want to lose my skill set through getting too heavy!

What do you recon? Should I go in that direction for a bit to hit a goal? If your reading this drop me a message so I can hear your thoughts!

I will keep you updated on this goal and probably put up vlogs about it.

Oh yer… another reason I wanna do this is cause I want to put some things together eventually and I think to pull things from something I have wrote over a period of time rather than create something from scratch will be more beneficial and more efficient!

So this one is pretty boring but i’m just putting it out there that this is happening!



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