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How it all went!

So if you read my last post you will know that I did a PR stunt for a company for Six Pad. Was a really fun day! We made our way around London with out tops off and this transfer on our chest just hitting a few statics and poses for photos for the company. Met some awesome people for the first time like Tim and Chase and was good to see a few old faces like Alex and Ming from Barsparta. It’s actually surprising how small the UK community is and how you always see the same faces everywhere. For the shoot I did manage to get down to 9.15 body fat. So not quite as loiw as I wanted to get but managed to get rid of a good amount of body fat in a week for the shoot!

With our Calisthenics shoot we hit out side by St Paul’s Cathedral and on the Thames by the London Eye and a few other key locations, couple hours later job done. Now I didn’t actually get to test the product but I have been given one and will be giving it a go and a review in the next week.

The company we were working for was Engine and they are a great media and marketing group with a sick office that looked a bit like Gary Vee had been there. After the shots were taken ended up going for a Patty and Bun burger which has become a bit of a London tradition for me since I went down there with the guys from Gravity Fitness and was introduced!

The face that a group of Calisthenics athletes were asked to do a PR stunt like this from a large media company for a large scale product is amazing and shows that the sport and the athletes are starting to be recognised for what they do, and not just pawned off as gymnasts as we are not the same thing.

Whats the difference between Cali and Gymnastics

There are loads of differences as gymnastics is a sport comprised of Calisthenics movements. The big thing for me is that anyone any age can start calisthenics and with a decent base fitness get really far with it and even work on some particularly advanced moves, where as gymnastics is a sport I feel where you have to build the strength and flexibility from a young age and grow up knowing your body and being able to manage how it moves and works. This can be learned in adulthood to an extent but there is no comparison to training it and working on it from a young age. To those who know it is blatant that they calisthenics and gymnastics are completely different, even just as a description they are different catagories, but its about educating the public in the discipline and making sure people know they can start it who ever they are and its not something that needs to be done from a child. You will find that the use of calisthenics in gymnastics would help those who have taken part in gymnastics easily transfer over to a calisthenics styled discipline as they are already familiar with a lot of the movements and their muscle structure will easily adapt to the more advanced statics and dynamics!

Keeping the word spreading

Another way that I keep people aware of what I do is to run courses around the country to make sure people are coaching people correctly in calisthenics. IF people are educated to teach then more people will take part and know what it is, turning it into a house hold name in the UK. The rise of calisthenics is coming and in a couple of years time everyone will know what it is, how to start with the basics and how to merge it into their current training regime!

Calisthenics workout of the week! Muscle Up strengthening session

This week I have been coaching a lot of muscle up progression. To do this I break down the movement and work on them individually post working on the full movement form. Here is an example of a class I coached this week:

  • Assisted Muscle ups x10 SS push ups x30 3 sets (keeping it basic and using assistance to ensure form is 100%)
  • Explosive pull ups x8 SS wide push ups x20 5 sets (keeping the push ups regular to keep the session mixed and increase the connection between having to pull then transfer to a push)
  • Straight bar dips x10 SS close push ups x10 5 sets
  • Suer Slow negative muscle ups x1 8-10 setsĀ (here you want to be focusing on the transition and if you feel like your strugling through the transition part and going to fast, then try to stop as if you over compensate you are likely to hit what your trying to achieve!)

This will help build your strength for a muscle up and if you already have one will help to clean it up a little bit!

Hope this helps with your progress and gives you a little look into the growing calisthenics world!


Jase Barvolution

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