I have 5 passions in my life: my family, optimisation of lifestyle, fitness (primarily Calisthenics), business (my main interest and expertise being in the fitness industry) and Film and Cinematic Action.

To help more people achieve a fitness lifestyle than I could ever achieve to reach on my own, I assist personal trainers , fitness enthusiasts, sports coaches and people from all other professions in the fitness industry develop great brands and businesses. This in turn helps them create a living out of their passion and impact more people to lead a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.

As a fitness coach I train in a very specific and niche area of fitness. I assist and advise people who want to focus on functional fitness and Calisthenics.
I do still coach some clients my own training methodology and train people in Calisthenics as I love watching people fall in love with the discipline, but I have a very select client base.
In this area of my passions I aim to do is help people understand and develop a fitness lifestyle with the best Calisthenics training and advice in the country.

The best thing about Calisthenics and functional training is you’re so busy learning something new and enjoying it, that the aesthetic side of it is a bonus and happens as your skill, mobility and strength increase. You will look better, feel better and be better.
Learning how to be better at everyday movements, exceeding what the body should be able to do and sometimes even defying gravity.


  • Create products and Services to benefit the globe and it’s inhabitants lifestyles
  • To change the lifestyle of millions through thousands
  • To train the next generation Of Athletes and Coaches
  • To be the missing link in the fitness and film industry
  • To write an epic action fantasy and action it in film