7 Day fat burning absolute shred and abs revealed!

Set your fat on fire like a Mario Fire flower

The predicament of being unprepared!

So here’s the deal! I have been asked to do a PR Stunt by a company called Sixpad. So this PR stunt isn’t the usual go and spin around a bar for a while. It’s a topless promotion where I have to parade around with a fake tattoo on my chest and everything out. Now a couple of things here… Due to injury my training hasn’t been on point and I still eat as if I was still doing 3x a day training so that is a good 3500kcal a day I consume. This keeps me at my not so effective form of 85kg I aim to get down to around 81 – 82 kg.

The reason for this is the Sixpad company have frickin Ronaldo as their ambassador so I got to look sharp!! So if you want to see how the day goes check my social media on the 20.4.17. SNAPCHAT – Barvolution

Now I don’t condone anything I will be doing up to this point but I’m gonna give my honest reasons, results and a bit of a walk through for those who want to give it a go, but again don’t recommend it for health just a quick cut for a shoot or something along those lines.

Is your 6 pack Visible?

Right there’s a slight catch to this you are only gonna get a super shred look if your abs are already visible. This will not work if your sitting around 20% body fat with your gut hanging over your trousers. This will only work if your already relatively fit and healthy.

I’m not a body builder and my health is more important to me so this is the healthiest way (that works for me) I have found to cut quick without doing all the dehydrating, sweet munching, wine guzzling to the point of unconsciousness part that I have heard some guys do for Body Building shows!

The 5,6,7 to quick six pack!


Again please don’t do this expecting to be an Adonis if your body fat is really high, and dont expect this to be sustainable. No one should train this hard at such a low calorific defecit!

So 5 steps to your 6 pack in 7 days! Lets Go!

Step 1 Macros

So your macros need to be on point as much as its not reliable due to labels most probably being wrong and different body types etc, it gives you a target, keeps you in check and ensures you dont take on WAY too much fats and carbs.. You need to have around 1g protein per lb of body weight and around 10ish cal for every lb of body weight. 10 is just really easy to workout.

So I’m around 190lb so for me that is 190g protein and 1900cal a day. So this is really hard for me as I usually use a flexi nutrition plan which allows me to pretty much eat what I want when I want without too much excess. Considering my usual calorie consumption is around 3300cal this is TORTURE for me cause i’m a mega foodie as well.

OK next…. make sure around 20% is fat and the whats left over is carbs. This for me works out at 43g fat and 190g carbs. Or you could just work out your macros and figure out the percentages giving you a 40/40/20 macro split. This is just a starting point. You will be adjusting your macros as to how you feel and you will weigh your self every day!

Within your food you want to get rid of any potential allergens that might cause inflammation or bloating and only lower salt the day before D day!


Oh and lots of thermogenic foods a little thing I do is every morning first thing after my run is squeeze half a lemon and put some cyan and ginger in it and down it. Believe it or not after a while starts to taste quite nice!

Step 2 5/2 training days

You want to make sure you don’t train after your 5th day. Your looking to keep the glycogen in the muscles high so you look hench as… so giving yourself 48 hours to keep those stores high and not burn into them. Make sure your last workout is on a body part that’s on show and you want to look good as the glycogen will better replenish the muscle that worked last.

For your first 5 days I hit 2x 30 minute MISS training (Medium Intensity Steady State) while also fitting in a muscle pumping high rep session in as well but because I do calisthenics I try my best to pull a little bit away from the compound movements and do more isolation split routine. So on my first day I will do the same group as on my 5th day which will be the muscles I want the most predominant.

The last 2 days as I said I will be keeping away from using up too much energy and turn my first morning MISS set into an LSD (Long Slow Duration) session. I always prefer training empty anyway, so whether its beneficial or not I tend to do this in a fasted state, I personally feel better for it and find for me it helps with the fat burn, whether that’s psychologically or physically is up to the science tests that I’m never going to do! I also cut out any reps until D day!

Step 3 Water World

Your body loves to survive. Its funny like that, so when you cut your water intake your body goes into auto storage mode so to go against most other advice I have ever seen I tend to drink how I normally would, maybe even a bit more and then D day just cut it back a bit or to go mega extreme cut it by half, this should help to avoid retention of water and not to punish your body to stupid effect!

Step 4 Carbzilla

DON’T STOP EATING CARBS! Catering your carbs to suit your loss building up is fine. What you will do though is up your carb intake to about 2g carb per lb body weight on your last training day to replenish your muscle glycogen. so for me I will be going from 190g to 380g. Then back to normal levels for the last 2 days before D day. This also gives these last 2 days to do some carb catering so if your feeling small on the last 2 days you can up your carb intake, and if your feeling too bloated then you can cut back.

Step 5 D Days Rules

Right then the big day. On the day what I will tend to do is just make myself as comfortable as possible. People are different when it comes to this part. I feel more comfortable after eating only one small meal on the day before top off time. I also like to get a pump on the day as well so I stick to a small routine to get all the muscles firing:

1st time – 5 sets of 20 chin ups and 20 push ups (I can usually find something to chin or row off).

Then 2 sets of 20 of each every half hour or so, depending on how long the event, shoot/reason for the top bod lasts!

So I hope this helps if you’ve got a quick deadline for a sick looking bod in a short to no notice period!

I will be putting up a V-log of my progress to follow this little essay, I am already 2 days in on the 7 day loss although I have known since Tuesday its a definite go ahead. So I started at 85.4kg and have managed to wittle down to 83.3kg. I know some has been muscle mass as well but from the caliper test when I first did it Tuesday I was at 13.1% and it now reads 10.4%. I’m not doing it scientifically so the measurements can change due to the time of day and what I have consumed but even watching the average loss has been interesting so check out the V-logs if you get chance.

Hope this helps you out and is interesting for you to read, if it wasn’t I’m sure you stopped reading 1200 words ago.

Any questions get in touch!


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