10 ways fitness professionals should impact their audience to improve on their client base in 2019


So here it is again. The New Year new me craze. The time of year where thousands of fitness professionals rub their hands together and expect huge changes in their bank balance. Then comes January and something amazing happens….nothing, or very little. Then you wonder why and start doubting your life choices. I know I have been there.

Since making a decision that there are too many PTs and not enough knowledgeable professionals in the world I have decided to make an effort to help those willing to put the effort in, and make a difference to the people around them and the industry!


People with true passion and skills that could help change lives have been jaded by people (taking the advice off their mate down the pub) taking these quick courses and easy ways in to the industry and it has crapped all over the word Personal Trainer, go ahead look it up in the dictionary. Personal Trainer no longer says: “professional in the fitness industry making a difference to people’s lives and knowledge of their body and mind”. It now says: Personal Trainer “guy who keeps hassling you while you walk on the treadmill trying to make a quick sale offering free sessions, hoping to make you cry and sweat your tits off in that free session so you think it’s doing you good!” FACT!

So 1 or all of these 3 things will happen to you in January or has happened to you before:

  1. NOTHING!! You will put endless discounts, offers and packages out there in a market full of noise, to an audience of around about zero people, putting these offers into a hugely crowded, loud market to the general public that more than likely are looking for the cheapest, fastest way to change their life (they won’t find it)!
  2. You will pick up clients at the end of January and lose them in March. These are called the hopefuls. A group of people hopeful that life will change after 6 sessions with you. You do not want to entertain these people unless you can change their outlook as they will quit making you look bad due to lack of drive, lack of results and most importantly lack of reality!
  3. You will have put such a cheap price out there to make money you will be working your ass off constantly from 4am till 11pm and not much more than an hourly wage to show for it.

These situations are not ideal and if you are someone who has the skills to benefit people’s lives and make a difference. It would be a huge loss to the industry for these things to put you off what you are put on this Earth to do. I find most people with the knowledge to help people usually lack knowledge in other areas such as impact, audience and marketing! So if you’re trying to make it as a fitness professional and make a difference to people’s lives in the year 2019, whether you are new or have been at it for years, you need to put these 10 points into play to make a change to you and the many people you could help:

  1. Keep it real, don’t promise the world if you can’t deliver. Don’t tell Dave that you can get him abs and benching 120 by March if they are just starting out. I know this is a no brainer, but some people are very imaginative and will do anything for a quick sale! Make sure the person you intend to work with is realistic and most importantly, dedicated!


  1. Do not over book and do not undervalue. Don’t put your own health at risk to adapt to the needs of your client who needs his session at 11pm or he can’t train with you. If that fits your schedule then great, but don’t make your time worthless, set boundaries and work times and DO NOT budge from this. You will find yourself in demand and may even end up with a waiting list.


  1. Be picky. Make sure when you take on a client it is a client you will enjoy working with and that is more interested in their fitness than you otherwise you will both loose interest very quickly. Try something like: “at this moment in time I feel we are un-suited to work together due to….., but I can suggest …… As someone to work with as they are excellent at what they do and exactly what you need for your interests and goals”! This can be quite up lifting as you are being truthful and not trying to get a quick sell! Also you will be known for being upfront and honest; also you have helped 2 people out in this instance, which is the key aim here! Not everyone suits you and you don’t suit everyone!


  1. Practice what you preach. Would you take financial advice off someone who was not a millionaire? Would you take relationship advice from a single pringle? If you are not expanding your knowledge daily and taking part in your chosen field you are not going to be the go to guy! IF you train people but your training regime is little to non-existent then get started because doing what you know and knowing what you do are vital. I am not saying you need to be able to be as good as your client (in some cases), I know quality posing and bodybuilder coaches that are not in as peak condition as their athletes but you need to have been there or be getting there. Knowing the paths and having walked them are very important, especially for type of client you should be looking for!


  1. Educate yourself and actually give quality sessions. If you are not constantly on an educational adventure, you will become stagnant and irrelevant in any industry. Being able to adjust with new technologies and new research is key to being one of the best damn coaches out there. Don’t be a know it all, be humble and listen to what the people want and go to work to make it a reality for them.


  1. Don’t be a PT. This label has been saturated and demoralised. Every guy and his dog has done a PT course. Even the guy your training has a PT quall so has that guy that just gave you your Costa coffee, and the guy sat next to you eating the muffin he knows he shouldn’t eat. You get the idea, do not stop once you have this and do not learn for “REPS points”. Most of these courses become irrelevant and there is usually better information out there from listening to a few podcasts, than in the 3 hours you will spend learning the “how to run the best circuits ever course!” Obviously there are some amazing courses out there that will teach you a hell of a lot and look amazing on the CV, just do your research before spending your dolla!


  1. Specialise in an area you find interesting and can stick with. If you don’t you will lose interest very quickly. Play to your strengths and don’t jump on any band wagons. I have been in Calisthenics for 5 years before people could even say it right and before that I found myself practising it and enjoying it before I knew what it was during my previous training regimes. You will know it is for you because you will always have done it and enjoyed it without realising it, before you decided to turn it into a lifestyle and make a living out of it!


  1. Network and Work with experts. Be known to be around the known. Even if you only have a couple hundred followers on Insta and only know the 50 people in you little village, make sure the people who matter know who you are. Even if you only speak to them once every 6 months it is a way to gain knowledge and mix with the industry influencers. Now there is a way to do this and it is not as hard as you think. There are people willing to talk and spend time with you if you know how! Networking is a skill that some find easy and some have no idea about. I would consider myself an introvert at heart, but I am a networking king! I know some of the best at what they do in the industry and some have become good friends over the time I have known them and its due to just a few simple rules of networking! Might make another blog on this, could be interesting!!


  1. Ensure any offerings are longer than 3 months. This is not to trick people into a longer package, but for you to show what you can do within a realistic timeframe. Allowing the client to experience the quality of your work and the changes they will go through as they hit some preliminary targets and goals. It also allows time to make adjustments to suit their body and mind, to create something that they will enjoy and stick with that will change their training and their lifestyle for the better.


  1. Compound pricing and create demand. To become a top level, highly paid professional. Those of you who have spent hours researching the best training techniques and the best ways to achieve certain goals will know that having tons of knowledge doesn’t bring in tons of clients. Creating a restrictive time format and a demand structured price balance will allow for you to always have growing income and never work more hours than you first initially intended.


  1. BONUS POINT…Go above and beyond every time. Even at your own expense by this if you are charging £80 per session and someone books a 3 month course with you these are the people willing to invest in your time and knowledge so invest in them, so this time even if you were to invest £200 of what they are paying you into gestures to assist their progress, injury rehab when they over fatigue, a piece of equipment or a voucher. I t will go a long way and show you are more than just a service they could get cheaper elsewhere.


I hope at least one of these methods can help you in 2019 to create a business and a name for yourself in the coming year and beyond.

Have you tried these methods? If you have, let me know your results. I look forward to hearing from you.


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